Well a lot has happened since we last spoke and in this post we talk about those changes and what the world, and Costa Rica most specifically, holds moving forward in to 2021.

Hack Game Club BlastTo start with it is important to understand that like the rest of the world, Costa Rica is currently enveloped within the global pandemic of coronavirus and as of this writing is reporting 900-1000 new cases per day.

That being said, Costa Rica is at the leading edge of development of treatments and involved in the WHO international vaccine program.

Hack Game Club BlastAs of August 19, 2020 Costa Rica has reopened its borders to international travelers including those from the US and Canada. In fact there is a laundry list of countries permitted to travel here. Here is an article outlining them in detail.

Considering more than 40% of all tourists who came here in 2019 were from the USA, you can imagine the urgency to reopen this sector and put the thousands of locals dependent upon it, back to work.

But as to be expected, entry to Costa Rica comes with a few conditions. Here are the current requirements for anyone thinking of coming here.

  • You’ll need to complete a Costa Rican epidemiological HEALTH PASS form available here:
  • A negative result taken within 72 hours of travel to Costa Rica
  • For passengers only from the USA, a valid drivers license displaying residency in one of the 20 states permitted entry to Costa Rica. This excludes children traveling as a family.
  • Travel insurance either from Costa Rica or international to cover hospital and medical expenses if problems arise while in the country. The two local places to get this insurance are: |

* for those who select to get international health insurance coverage you must remember to get a certification from their insurance company (English or Spanish) that verifies 3 of the following items.

  • Coverage of medical expenses in the event of infection of COVID-19 while visiting Costa Rica with coverage of a minimum $50,000USD
  • Lodging in the event of infection with coverage of a minimum of $2000
  • Term of coverage for entire duration of your visit to Costa Rica

Additionally once you are in the country there are standard COVID rules that also must be observed like wearing a must in public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible. Also to practice good personal hygiene like using hand sanitizer when available and/or washing your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds.

Now as for real estate transactions like the buying process and how it has been affected…things are for the most part as they were before. Sure we do try our best to accomplish what we can over the phone or via virtual means like VR tours, Zoom meetings etc

As of this writing there are currently no setbacks or delays in finalizing real estate transactions in Costa Rica.

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